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Who says doing business was ever fair?

We help you do more, and do it faster, giving your business an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

About CNI

We believe IT should be a profit centre

Do you want to transform your business?

How We Do It


If you are like most of our customers, you have a lot of systems that cost you a lot of money.
They are not integrated, in fact they are largely isolated.
Your users have multiple logins, they can’t work across multiple device types and there are many hours spent patching multiple and disparate systems. In our experience, most businesses currently view IT as a cost centre.

At CNI we are about moving IT from a cost centre to a profit centre, and we have the expertise and process to take you there.

Wouldn’t you like your IT to be a profit centre?

This is our vision at CNI, and it’s a journey we can take you on through 4 stages.


1st stage – ISOLATED

1st stage – ISOLATED

Do you have legacy systems, or systems that are about to go out of support? Do you have capacity issues that rely on significant capital expenditure to resolve? Do your users have >3 logins to access the systems they need to use each day?

Does patching take someone more than a few hours per month to keep your systems up to date? Do you have limited remote access? (Limited users, locations or devices) Is your Disaster Recovery solution untested, or only tested once per year or less?

Let’s start your journey by focusing on getting the right cost in your IT environment.
We move duplicated systems to the background and turn on the functionality in the systems that you have already paid for. By solving these problems we focus on getting the best bang for buck from your existing technology investment.

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FOUNDATION – 2nd stage

FOUNDATION – 2nd stage

Are your maintenance costs rising, but your IT budget still has significant capital expenditure? Is reporting limited or available for only select users? Is most of your environment made up of physical/virtual servers, or Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS)? Would you classify your IT strategy as limited or somewhat vague? Do most of your IT projects run for more than 6 months? Are most IT staff primarily involved in operations instead of business projects? When a new staff member begins, does it take more than a few hours until they can access everything they need?

It’s time to build on this foundation to find ways for IT to generate reactive revenue opportunities. There may be an opportunity to sell products via your website, or your customers accessing only their information in your existing systems in a way that is helpful for them.

I’m ready to build on the Foundations

3rd stage – COMMON

3rd stage – COMMON

Is your IT budget fairly predictable, but the business wants more for less? Is your reporting available for all users from any device, but you can’t predict what’s next from what you have now? Are most of your systems now Platform-As-A-Service(PaaS), not Software-As-A-Service(SaaS)? Do IT projects take more than a month?

It’s time to move IT from delivering reactive revenue opportunities to continually generating proactive revenue opportunities for your business. Your next step is to maximise the business potential of new technology to differentiate your business from your competition.

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CONNECTED – 4th stage

CONNECTED – 4th stage

All your users are identifying “What-If” based new revenue opportunities for your business, powered with machine learning.

Most systems are Software-As-A-Service(SaaS), which has the lowest operational cost.The IT budget is primarily an operational expenditure or invested in new initiatives with measured Return on Investment (ROI).

IT is a profit centre for your business, generating proactive revenue opportunities. This stage is the goal for all our customers, and what CNI believe is the real reason for technology.

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CNI is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, successfully operating for over 18 years.
Our vision is for IT to deliver business value back to the organisation.
We specialise in technologies that deliver this value, focussing on the Microsoft Azure Cloud since 2011.
CNI have always been known for our technical expertise, flexibility in delivery and strong partnership by viewing outcomes through the eyes of our customers.
We strive to stay ahead of the curve for technology, and are focused on how Cloud can deliver even better value to our customers within shorter timeframes.

Let us turn your IT from a cost centre to a profit centre.


Our mission is to leverage IT to deliver business value.
We believe that IT should be a profit centre for your business, not a cost centre.
Our team want to understand what you do, how you operate and who is responsible for each task so that we really know what will benefit your business.
Using the right technology allows your business to focus on doing what it does, better.
We take pride in finding value in everything we do – value that the customer can see, measure and continue to leverage in the future.
We operate with integrity, honesty and reliability.
We seek to build first class partnerships with our customers and take pride in ensuring they achieve their business objectives through the use of smart and appropriate technology.
CNI believes in continual training and equipping of its team.
We operate a comprehensive “Cloud Architect” Apprenticeship program that delivers a unique combination of business ready and technical expertise skillsets, unique in the industry.
CNI’s core consultants all work from the Melbourne office and customer sites, leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver services worldwide.
CNI operate with a philosophy of collaboration, ensuring that our customers gain access to the skill set of all CNI staff, partner resources and even the Microsoft team, not only the individual consultant assigned to the project.


CNI strives to help you do more, and do it faster, giving your business an unfair advantage in the marketplace.


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