Our 3 Best Blog Posts of 2017

Our 3 Best Blog Posts of 2017

Last year we published quite a few articles about moving to the cloud.

These covered everything from the questions you need to ask yourself first, through to successful strategies, and more.

We’ve put together a list of the top 3 blog articles by popularity, in case you missed any when they were published. Here are our top 3 blogs from 2017…

(1)  Why It’s (Almost) Impossible to Move to Azure in 30 Days

Why Its Almost Impossible to Move to Azure in 30 Days

Are you distracted by daily issues with your IT infrastructure? Are you facing challenges such as staying ahead of hackers, hiring and retaining the right people, and getting the internal resources you need to deliver real business results? These are some of the reasons we often hear from customers who feel they don’t have time to move their infrastructure to the cloud. Moving to Azure from hosted datacentres can mean a massive change for your business. Click here for more…

(2)  3 Questions You Must Ask to Ensure Your IT is Aligned with Your Business Strategy


Today, technology has a major part to play in the success of almost every department of every business – but many organisations’ goals and technology decisions are far from aligned. Often, executive teams see IT as an expense they need to manage rather than an important part of the business strategy that will help them achieve their goals. Are your IT and executive teams on the same page? Here are three questions you can ask to find out. Click here for more…

(3)  Successful vs Unsuccessful Cloud Migration Strategies

cloud migration

After working with many customers over the last 6-7 years with cloud migrations, we’ve seen what makes a successful migration strategy, and more importantly some common traits in the migrations that aren’t so successful. We see two main strategies that drive a successful cloud migration. Click here for more…

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