3 Ways the Cloud Delivers Faster Value to Your Business

3 Ways the Cloud Delivers Faster Value to Your Business

There is little doubt that the cloud has fundamentally changed the way that modern business operates. As more and more organisations adopt cloud computing, a leading analyst firm is reporting that “by 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today”.

The cloud has also altered the way organisations view and value their IT. The ability to sign up online and start consuming services instantly is now a given. This has changed the expectation on how long it should take before IT starts delivering value. This need for a faster turnaround on value has inspired many IT departments to embrace the agility and flexibility of the cloud, or risk being left behind.

Here are 3 key ways the cloud delivers value fast.

1. Instant Access and Reporting

The cloud requires no hardware, and can be provisioned instantly. This cuts out the often lengthy procurement lead times of traditional on-premises solutions. The absence of hardware also means there is no need to wait for capital expense approvals. Instead, once the operating expense is approved, it can be turned on and used straight away.

The ability to get instant feedback is also a key driver of value. When you can monitor usage, and measure success as it happens, you can swiftly scale up or down to reduce costs before they blowout, and make the most of opportunities to increase value as they arise.

2. Flexible and Limitless

Another key way the cloud brings value fast is through its flexibility. You can easily change, resize, turn off or pivot any services or applications as you require. There is no need to design first, then spend weeks validating – instead you can implement a fail-fast solution now.

The scalability and limitless capacity of the cloud also brings value in many ways. This includes giving organisations the ability to run many concurrent experiments to identify their optimum processes.

3. Enhanced Testing

The vast potential of the cloud is what makes it so exciting, but when you’re starting out, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the value lies for your organisation. When you work with a cloud architect, they can provision software in proof-of-concept stage in a secure sandpit for playing and testing. These test environments can be provisioned and used without limits.

You’ll also have the ability to run different business units and experiments without dependencies. This is a big advantage over on premises testing which generally has the limitation of scheduling of test lab availability.

Get Faster Value Returns in the Cloud

When you operate in the cloud, you can deliver fast value returns on your IT spend. The instant availability of services and lack of hardware eliminate the expense and lead time of on-premises solutions. On top of this, the availability of up-to-the-minute data allows you to respond and make changes to avoid wastage and capitalise on opportunity. The cloud’s endless capacity to scale provides organisations with a fast and simple way to manage and take advantage of growth, while also minimising potential loses during quiet times.

Finally, the flexible and extensive testing abilities of the cloud give you the ideal place to find out what works and make any adjustments before deployment. This alone is a key driver to value for any organisation.

Would you like to learn more about how the cloud can deliver value to your organisation fast?

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