Why It’s (Almost) Impossible to Move to Azure in 30 Days

Why It’s (Almost) Impossible to Move to Azure in 30 Days

Are you distracted by daily issues with your IT infrastructure?

Are you facing challenges such as staying ahead of hackers, hiring and retaining the right people, and getting the internal resources you need to deliver real business results?

These are some of the reasons we often hear from customers who feel they don’t have time to move their infrastructure to the cloud.

Moving to Azure from hosted datacentres can mean a massive change for your business.

But, there are some key things to consider before moving, such as organising your existing vendors and contracts, dealing with out of date software, and internal culture.

Then if you are ready to transition from the limitations of your existing IT infrastructure to the flexibility of the Cloud and Azure, your next question might be: how soon can I make it happen?

We recently helped migrate aid organisation Save the Children to Azure in 30 days.

With the right approach, it can happen fast – but we’ve found there are a few challenges that can slow down the process.

Here are three common problems you may encounter when moving to Azure, and some tips to overcome them.

Inflexibility of Providers and Contracts

Let’s face it, your current provider doesn’t want to let you go without a fight. If you’re locked into a contract or have been with your provider for a long time it can be difficult – and to overcome this challenge, you need creative solutions. Getting a new network connection in with a new provider is a good start. When choosing a new provider, look for a team who have helped others in a similar position in the past, as this will go a long way towards a fast result.

Out of Date Software

Another issue that can slow down migration is older software – if not handled correctly, it can cause plenty of headaches. For example, the built-in tools for Azure only support operating systems post-2008 R2, but there are third party options that can be used as a trial or free 30-day license to achieve the same result. When you work with providers who have experience using legacy applications to migrate out-of-date software to Azure, not only will it take less time, you’ll also avoid lengthy upgrade projects too.

Your People Aren’t Ready for Change

If you’re struggling to win over some of your team with the advantages of the Cloud, you’re not alone. In most organisations, you’ll find those with the “if it ain’t broke…” attitude – and while this is a good philosophy in some situations, when it comes to technology, change is absolutely necessary to keep pace with both your competitors, and with your customer’s expectations.

Use real-life examples of how others have made the switch and reaped the benefits – case studies are ideal for this. Involve your team in the planning stage, and where possible, in meeting with your technology providers, so they are informed and can see how the change will assist them to do their job better. Having a vocal sponsor internally that will help support the change and call out the wins is critical. Change can be challenging, but when you’ve got the right support, you and your team can be confident it’s worth it.

Final Word

So, is moving to Azure in 30 days impossible? If you don’t have the right support – yes. But when you partner with a technology provider who has experience helping organisations achieve a fast move to Azure (and yes, we’ve done it in 30 days!), then anything is possible.

Do you have questions about migrating to Azure? Or have some tips to share to help make the process go smoothly? We’d love to hear from you!

Next Steps

There is a different way to get to the cloud and it’s faster than our clients imagine. Download our case study on how we worked with Save the Children to migrate to Azure in record time, or download our latest white paper, 3 Perspectives to Maximise Your Value from Azure.

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