Here’s How to Optimise your Disaster Response with Azure

Here’s How to Optimise your Disaster Response with Azure

With high numbers of cyber attacks affecting businesses every day, a disaster response plan is imperative for every organisation. Would you believe there are still many companies, including publicly listed ones, that don’t have an adequate business continuity plan in place?

It’s no wonder given the complexity, high cost and lack of flexibility of traditional disaster response solutions. The good news is that the cloud now offers a better way to bounce back after a catastrophic event. Azure Site Recovery offers a simple, flexible and affordable approach to disaster response and business continuity. Here’s why.

Why You Need Disaster Response

A disaster response plan is a little like home insurance. You’re glad to have it, but hope you’ll never use it. And in many cases, you won’t. If disaster does strike and you don’t have a solid business continuity plan that can restore your service quickly, the fallout can be extremely expensive.

With the risk of security breaches on the rise, disaster response is a box that every IT manager needs to be able to confidently tick. Your solution should be simple yet effective, replicating your virtual machines based on customised policies you set and control. It should be ready to automate the recovery of your services quickly and completely if a site outage occurs.

How Azure Site Recovery Does It Better

Of the organisations that currently do have a disaster response plan – most are dissatisfied because their solution lacks flexibility, is too complex, too expensive, or all of the above. Now Azure Site Recovery provides organisations with a disaster response solution that is agile, simple to manage and cost-effective.

Azure is flexible and will work with whatever technology you have and because it’s a service with web-based access – no set up or maintenance fee is required. Plus, you only pay for the storage that you use or if the system ‘fails over’. This can really reduce costs – potentially saving you up to $500,000 in licensing fees. Your disaster response is easily customised in the Azure classic portal, and your solution can be as simple or as complex as you need. You can also test your recovery plan without disrupting services at your primary location, so you can be sure your plan is always ready for action.

Azure and Your IT Team

The cloud has given us a host of new tools which enables you to do things smarter, faster and for less. But as you move your back up and disaster recovery processes to the cloud, and other systems become automated, your internal structures and IT staffing needs will change. This means most IT teams will need to consider how they restructure to remain relevant. Although these changes can cause anxiety, they provide exciting new challenges and the opportunity for IT professionals to learn new skills and be more involved in the delivery of services across the organisation.

With the modernisation of IT, your IT team becomes relevant again through the removal of siloes. Where once, there was a backup role, a security role, and so on, today, there is a team providing all those separate functions as a complete service. This brings increased efficiency across all departments and empowers the IT team to get involved in the bigger picture within the entire organisation, rather than only their specific (and often limiting) individual roles.

Grow your Business with Confidence

When it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity, the cloud offers organisations increased agility, lower costs and faster fail over. And with Azure Site Recovery, your plan is easily managed and completely customisable via the portal.

Azure makes disaster recovery simple and accessible for organisations large and small. When you opt to outsource your disaster recovery solution to an external service provider, you’ll see even more benefits. You can focus on your core operations and grow your business with the confidence that your continuity plan will restore your systems fast and completely in the event of a disaster.

Over to You

Are you ready to get your disaster recovery and business continuity plan resolved once and for all? Would you like to know more about Azure Site Recovery? We’d love to help.

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