Rapid recovery with Office 365

Rapid recovery with Office 365

Our customer had a significant server hardware failure that resulted in their email being unavailable. Like many of our customers, email is a key technology that the business relies upon, and having extended outage time is simply not acceptable.

After a rapid evaluation of the options available, CNI migrated the customer’s email platform to ‘the cloud’, using Microsoft Office 365. Within 4 hours the customer was up and running again with full email functionality, powered by the cloud. This rapid resolution allowed our customer to continue working at full productivity, without any further impact to the business. Our team then assisted with the server hardware restore and migrated all the legacy email data to the cloud, ensuring there was no loss of data for the business.

By migrating to Microsoft Office 365, our customer’s email downtime was eradicated entirely. In addition to the improved uptime, the customer also standardised their desktops with the latest version of Microsoft Office, included with Office 365. This software now automatically updates directly from the cloud, resulting in improved performance and reduced IT support costs.

Another benefit of this migration was the increased storage, as each user now experiences a 50Gb mailbox and 1Tb of data storage that is secure, and always available. This was delivered without any additional hardware purchase or capital expense.

As a result of the migration the staff have experienced increased productivity, through the ability to access their email and data from any location.

Microsoft Office 365 not only saved the day and recovered the business, but delivered significant benefits for the organisation.