Shrine of Remembrance Azure Site Recovery Case Study

Shrine of Remembrance Azure Site Recovery Case Study

Working with the Shrine, CNI delivered a cost-effective, operationally efficient solution which provided a significant increase in IT capability and options for future growth without the significant increase in operational expense.

Customer Profile

The Shrine of Remembrance (The Shrine) is the National War Memorial of Victoria, a monument dedicated to all those who have served in the armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations in which Australia has participated.

The Shrine community develops, promotes, facilitates and organises exhibitions, educational and ceremonial activities. Their Galleries of Remembrance project is a $45 million redevelopment utilising 1,600 square metres of space beneath the Shrine including large scale audiovisuals and interactive technology to provide a variety of moods and experiences.

Business Needs

The Shrine operates a large customer facing environment for over 800,000 visitors each year, and depend on their IT systems to be constantly available.  Harnessing new technologies are a key to attracting younger audiences to the memorial.

Previously The Shrine were backing up their systems to disk-based virtual tape, making copies to physical tapes, and sending the tapes offsite for disaster protection. If a production system failed or a data restore was needed, it took up to 24 hours to request, locate, and deliver the appropriate backup tapes to restore the data.

The Shrine is a not for profit organization – therefore most solutions for live replication were considered too expensive. They came to CNI for a disaster recovery platform that protected The Shrine’s business operations whilst reducing current costs.


CNI introduced Microsoft Azure to provide offsite protection whilst delivering an economical and faster way to restore data after a disaster.

CNI leveraged The Shrine’s existing investment and licensing with System Centre and Hyper-V and implemented System Centre Data Protection Manager with an Azure Backup vault so that backups are both stored off site in Azure and on-site with the existing disk based solution.

Additionally, CNI implemented Azure Site Recovery to protect the entire IT environment by automating the replication of the virtual machines based on policies that the Shrine set and control. Azure Site Recovery coordinates and manages the ongoing replication of data by integrating with existing technologies such as Hyper-V Replica, System Center, and SQL Server AlwaysOn, providing single click failover for applications to reduce the time to bring applications online again during a disaster. This solution also eliminated the cost of establishing and maintaining a secondary site for disaster recovery, saving over $30,000 in hardware costs alone.

Azure Site Recovery monitors the state of protected instances continuously and remotely from Azure. All communication with Azure is encrypted, and all the Shrines’ data is encrypted, even for data at-rest.

CNI’s solution automates the orderly recovery of The Shrine’s services to occur within minutes of a site outage at the primary datacenter. Virtual machines can be brought up to help restore service quickly, even for complex multi-tier workloads operating the customer facing systems at The Shrine.

Recovery plans were simple to create through the Azure management portal, where they are stored. Software defined networking was a key part of the solution, as the existing network was mapped to the recovery site in Azure, allowing for automatic recovery. These recovery plans can now be tested on a regular basis for the Shrine, without disrupting the key services being used every day.

“As an Not For Profit Government Entity, The Shrine is required to demonstrate annually that we have sufficient safeguards in place to ensure the organisation can operate effectively if disaster strikes” – Director of Corporate Service, Daniel Mulqueen


By adopting the Microsoft Azure backup and recovery solutions, The Shrine has been able to deliver better protection for their critical business applications, reduce disaster recovery times and save on data protection costs.

By automating data protection with Microsoft Azure Backup and Recovery solutions, The Shrine is no longer involved in the old tape rotation management nightmare.

CNI is pleased that the end result has increased the safety of the customer’s core business and reduced significant overhead costs.

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