The Platform+Agile Approach – Maximising Benefits from Azure

The Platform+Agile Approach – Maximising Benefits from Azure

Our client Steve Hodgkinson, CIO at Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services, has been writing a lot about the “Platform+Agile” approach they have taken with the department.

With this approach, the organisation makes a strategic choice about a preferred platform (eg Azure), and then uses that platform in an agile, iterative manner – avoiding the need for transactional procurement for new business systems wherever possible.

This approach significantly enhances the productivity of the application development process. Starting with a platform encourages the re-use of modules and focuses in-house skills on “what is known”.

DHHS Platform+Agile

Steve has written many articles on this topic and presented at many conferences.

To help spread the word, we’ve put together a white paper summarising the approach, why it’s needed, and the benefits that can be achieved.